Sunday, June 26, 2011

The book cover market #1: The ice princess - Camilla Läckberg

Welcome to a new section!

Here you can find some diferent books covers from US, UK and Spain to talk about which one is the best!.

I will try to do one enter per week so the selected day will be sundays!

The first post of this section will be "The ice princess by Camilla Läckberg" a wonderful mystery book with which I fell in love this month (max rating ^^). This is the first on the Patrick Hedstrom book series.

I like so much this author and I will add the review as soon as possible.
Spanish cover

US cover
Another US cover
UK cover
Another UK cover

My favorites covers are the Spanish and the first of US covers. I think they have to say much about the book and they are shouting "this is a mystery book buy me"

The UK covers seems to be so simple and dull.

What do you think?


  1. I like them all. I think they all have a mysterious feel to them. :)

  2. l really like the UK cover!
    I think it is very simple but l do love the purple in it.